My MindFlow offers  1-1 coaching and specific packages to help you understand your menstrual cycle and explore ways to manage your mood based and physical menstrual symptoms … whichever life stage you are at.

My MindFlow can also give a talk or workshop at your event or organisation or help develop a menstrual cycle policy and practice for your business. Please email via the contact page to fill me in on what you’re looking for.

Initial Consultation

A warm welcome to My MindFlow; exploring your cyclical health and discussing how we can work together.

The Journey Begins
Cycle Savvy

Empowered Peri-menopause

Mighty Menopause

Initial consultation is £25. Packages start from £25 per session with a minimum of 3 sessions for new clients, following an initial consultation. Packages include one hour of coaching per month or per cycle and regular support throughout the coaching package. Workshops for organisations are bespoke, prices available on request.